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January 4, 2023

Since 2019, the San Angelo NAACP has worked with the city of San Angelo to install restrooms at Martin Luther King Memorial Park.  For more than 20 years, no restroom facilities have been available.  Portable toilets have been the only option.

Requests for the city to install restrooms was unsuccessful.  The city used policies that do not allow for "neighborhood parks" to have restrooms installed at the expense of the city.  As a result, the San Angelo NAACP established a funding option, to fundraise from interested supporters.

The San Angelo NAACP has led the efforts to raise funds to install restrooms at the Martin Luther King Memorial Park.  Along the way, we were joined by many interested citizens and special interest groups, who helped us raise funds.

The funds were raised and turned over to the San Angelo Area Foundation, so that donors could receive tax credit for their donations.  The San Angelo NAACP is a 501-c 4 organization, and not able to provide tax credits.

Efforts are still underway to work with construction vendors, to arrange to get the installation cost within the amount raised.

As updates become available, information will be publicly shared with the greater community.

We hope to see construction begin soon.